President’s Day.

Happy President’s Day!  Did you know that President’s Day is also George Washington’s Birthday.  Well technically ‘Washington’s Birthday’ or ‘President’s Day’ is celebrated on the third Monday of February, which means that it can occur from the 15th through the 21st.  Washington was born on February 22nd and although he was the inspiration for the … [Read more...]

First Snow Of The Season

I hope everyone is prepared for the first snow of the season. Please remember not to be in a hurry when you drive.Check your tire tread, refill your washer fluid and remember to have a scraper and perhaps a small shovel in case you need to dig yourself out in the big storms. Happy Winter All. The Junk Recycler … [Read more...]

A Green New Year

We hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.  With New Year’s Eve approaching, we thought we would take a minute to give you some quick green tips for celebrating as well as some ideas for potential new years resolutions.  If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, try to make it a green one.  If you decide to send out invitations, try to do it … [Read more...]

The most beautiful Fall !!!

Is was an absolute joy driving through the back of Fairfield County this Fall. This is the most picturesque part of the world in the fall, and this one especially was a treat on the eyes. Hope you all enjoyed the scenery as much as we did. … [Read more...]

Going Green This Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching and along with the anticipation of the holidays come planning, driving around and shopping, decorating and lots of other activities.  While we know many of you have a lot going on leading up to the holidays, we thought we would take a minute to give you a few suggestions for ways you can be a little more ‘green’ … [Read more...]