The Junk Recycler is not a junk removal franchise.  We are an owner operated local company committed to sustainability, customer service and happy employees. Our company is a close-knit team where all employees go through the same training and the Managers are constantly on the road working alongside our other Recyclers.  We do not compromise our beliefs even if it costs us that little bit extra financially.

The Junk Recycler is determined to be the go-to source for professional and sustainable junk removal.  With an increased focus on environmental issues and corporate social responsibility, it can be difficult to see past all of the ‘green-washing’ to identify those companies that are actually as ‘green’ as they say.  We are not just another junk removal service that does some recycling; we are a professional junk removal company that was founded as a result of our dedication to sustainability.



aboutAt the Junk Recycler we support a definition of sustainability that was created at Colgate University as part of a research project, where sustainability is: ” A capacity to utilize and recycle resources and services, ensuring economic, environmental and social equity, both locally and globally, and with equal consideration of present and future generations.”


Key Objectives

  • Continuously improve our performance and sustainability through on-going training, new ideas and best management practices.
  • Maximize recycling and donating and minimize dumping through setting measurable goals, incentivizing employees and closely monitoring progress.
  • Green Car KeyOffer competitive prices so more people can afford to use our service to responsibly dispose of their unwanted ‘Junk’.
  • Reduce excess transportation mileage by consolidating loads when applicable.
  • Be a present and involved organization in the communities we serve.
  • Make smart choices that lead to success for our customers, employees and the company while “Saving the planet one load at a time.”