Littering Yard Signs

littering yard signYou know what really grinds our gears here at The Junk Recycler? Yard signs. You

know, the ones you see alongside the road that say something like “LOOK AT MY


to sustainability and keeping our planet clean and healthy, we made a conscious decision

to not advertise with lawn signs. Sure, it’s tempting to drive around our service area

putting up hundreds of these signs and forcing people to look at them, especially since

many of our competitors do so. Would these signs bring in more customers? Probably,

but that’s not how do things around here. Let’s face it, these signs are basically litter and

you can be pretty sure that the companies putting up these yard signs on every possible

street corner and patch of grass aren’t coming back at some point to collect them all.

These signs are put up and left, eventually making it someone else’s problem to pick

them up and dispose of, just like litter. The other annoying aspect of these signs is that

they are a huge eye-sore. Many of us enjoy living in this area of the country in part due

to its beautiful surroundings, but now I can hardly drive a mile down the road without

seeing some obnoxious yard sign advertising Joe Shmoe’s business. You get the point.

So next time you’re driving down the road or sitting at a traffic light and don’t see a sign

advertising The Junk Recycler, I hope you’ll appreciate our company a little bit more.

Until Next Time,

The Junk Recycler