Sustainability Update

Things have been going great here at The Junk Recycler.  It has been a successful summer so far and our recycling and donating rates have been outstanding.  Also, staying true to our mission and dedication to sustainability, we just recently became a sponsor of a water bottle filling station at the local Darien YMCA.  By sponsoring these filling stations, people have a convenient way to refill their water bottles and the stations help reduce the waste of disposable plastic bottles by encouraging people to get reusable bottles.  I’m not just talking about your average water fountain either.  These filling stations, brought to you by Local Water LLC, have a hands-free sensor that you simply place your bottle on and in seconds your bottle is refilled with cold filtered water.  Additionally these stations are equipped with a monitor, which through the use of animated video segments, shows the user which organizations have made the station possible.  That’s all for now but we will keep you updated here on our blog.


Until next time,


The Junk Recycler


P.S.  If you haven’t invested in a reusable water bottle yet, you should get on that.