Spring Cleaning

Could it be? Could the winter weather finally be behind us? With the official start

of spring only 9 days away and after a few recent days of nice weather, it’s looking

promising. Heck I was so excited by the nice weather over the weekend, I was

practically ready to put on the flip-flops and board shorts and sit outside in the sun

blasting The Beach Boys for the whole neighborhood to hear. As we welcome

Spring and bid adieu to a winter that was cold and snowy enough to leave some of us

questioning our decisions to live in this part of New England, it is the perfect time to

purge, open up the windows, clean and organize. As much as spring-cleaning can be

a pain when you’re overwhelmed with a to-do list a million items long and wondering

how you accumulated so much junk, it is something that we all should do. Well you can

relax a little knowing that The Junk Recycler is here to help. Whether you’re swimming

in a pile of junk wondering how you’re going to get rid of it all, or you end up with a

cornucopia of old items you’d like to donate, or you just need some help clearing out that

garage that you’ve been tossing junk into all winter, we’re your guys! We will do all

the work of removing and properly recycling and disposing of your junk. We will also

donate all your reusable and still-working items to local charities and provide you with

the tax-deductible receipt, which can be quite handy at this time of year. So when you

need help with your spring-cleaning, don’t hesitate to call the pros at The Junk Recycler.

You can also feel good knowing that by using our service, you are helping to fulfill our

mission of “Saving The Planet One Load At A Time.”

As an extra-added bonus, mention this blog post and receive a discount of $40!

Cannot be combined with other offers.

Until next time,

The Junk Recycler