Do A Little More Good

This will be a brief post but I think it’s an important one and I hope you will too.

We were driving to do a job in Stamford the other day when we saw the inspiration for

this post. We were stopped at a red light and I saw a jogger pick up a water bottle from

the sidewalk. I assumed the bottle belonged to her and that she just dropped it as she

was running. She got going again but shortly thereafter slowed down to pick up a paper

cup that was lying on the sidewalk. It was at this point that we realized the lady was just

picking up random litter as she was running. What a hero I thought. Now there’s no way

of knowing if this unknown hero was going to properly recycle the litter, but I would like

to think that anyone who cares enough to pick up random litter from the ground probably

also cares enough to recycle.

Then I started thinking. What would the world be like if everyone had that same

sort of mentality. I’d imagine that it would be a much better place. Although one person

picking up some litter from the ground isn’t going to end climate change or prevent other

people from littering, it’s the mentality, the extra effort, the desire to do good that can

make a big difference if everyone were to think that way. So pick up some litter from the

ground. Hold the door open for someone. Offer to help. Recycle. It doesn’t take much.

Long story short, do good, care a little more, do a little more. If we all do a little more

good, we can have a big impact. Thanks for reading.

Until Next Time,

The Junk Recycler