April is National Poetry Month

As it’s National poetry month we thought we would put forward a little Rhyme:

On the road and in our truck

We are recyclers who do give a hoot

Not a hoot on the horn

But doing something for which we were born

To  save the planet one load at a time.


Eco friendly, affordable and reliable

We understand that we must be pliable

Because our customers might be junked under with stress

So we offer top quality service, and charge less.

To help our customers one job at a time


We approach each job with manners and humour,

And word spreads even though its only a rumour

And with each happy customer our reputation grows

And in that context , we would like you all to propose:

To put smiles on faces one laugh at a time.


So Book an appointment if you have junk to remove

And we will swing by in a jiffy so that we can prove

That the world and your happiness is our utmost priority

So join in our philosophy so we will not be a minority

In Saving the planet, one job, one load and one laugh at a time.

It mat not be Frost, but it holds true to our cause.