Happy Halloween!

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween since it is only a couple days away.  Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating, visiting a haunted attraction, attending a Halloween party or anything else, we hope everyone has a great time but as always, please be safe.  If you haven’t decided on plans yet or are still preparing for Halloween, here are some simple green tips you may want to keep in mind.  If you’re looking for a last minute costume, try to find an old one or make one out of clothes and other items you already own rather than going out and buying a new one.  If you’re hosting a Halloween party, try to stay away from disposable items like cups and plates and remember to recycle bottles and cans etc.  If you know that little trick-or-treaters will be coming around your house on Halloween, consider trying to hand out some healthier snacks or maybe even some fun little items that kids can keep and play with rather than eat.  That’s about it from us.  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


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