Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is nearly here and in the spirit of the holiday we just wanted to take a quick moment to check in with you and give thanks.  We at The Junk Recycler are of course thankful for family, friends, health, life etc., but we are also thankful for Mother Nature and you!  Without Mother Nature we wouldn’t be able to enjoy living on this amazing planet and we certainly wouldn’t have a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner feast on our plates.  We also wanted to thank you, our customers, for choosing to use our service and help support our mission of “saving the planet one load at a time.”  It is a pleasure to help you with your junk removal, recycling, and donation needs and we hope all of you have safe and happy Thanksgiving Day celebrations whatever they may be.  While we hope all of you enjoy the holiday, just try to remember to stay ‘green’ when / where possible.  If you plan to travel and can carpool, that’s great.  Try to avoid disposable plates and cutlery if possible, and keep in mind how much food you serve yourself so you don’t have unnecessary scraps getting thrown away, or even better, bring a reusable to-go container to keep leftovers for later.  If you’re cooking for guests and can choose locally grown and/or organic produce, that’s also great.  You don’t have to go crazy, but just keep in mind simple little things like those.  Most of all, be safe and enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving. thanksgiving