President’s Day.

Happy President’s Day!  Did you know that President’s Day is also George Washington’s Birthday.  Well technically ‘Washington’s Birthday’ or ‘President’s Day’ is celebrated on the third Monday of February, which means that it can occur from the 15th through the 21st.  Washington was born on February 22nd and although he was the inspiration for the holiday, it is now a holiday to honor all presidents.  It also happens to be a holiday in which many stores, car dealerships etc, hold massive sales.  On that note, if you happen to be one of those consumers indulging in a President’s Day Sale, and maybe you need to get rid of some old items to make way for the new ones, don’t forget to call The Junk Recycler.  We will be happy to help you get rid of your old items and if we are able to donate any of them, we will provide you with the tax donation receipt!